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Sabine M.

Sabine m

I had a car accident with multiple rib fracture and bone splintering in the pelvis seven years ago. Since then, I have been plagued by pain, which has become chronic in the meanwhile, at a level of 8-9 on a pain scale of 0-10.

In addition, I have been operated on the shoulder several times and since then, I have ongoing pain in my shoulder and arm right up to my wrist, especially if there is any strain. The pain also corresponds to a level of 8-9.

Medication doesn’t give me any real relief. Added to this, I have problems sleeping and concentrating, and mood swings and migraines too.

After using BEMER according to the basic plan for 5 weeks and once or twice daily in addition with B.PAD and Program 2 on my shoulder and arm, I noticed the following changes:

I am much more calm and relaxed.
I sleep much more soundly.
The pain I have has been significantly reduced (level 4-5).
I have better digestion.

Using Program 3 and B.PAD, the migraines I get could be relieved to the extent that I don’t have to take any tablets anymore.

Campi di applicazione


Terapia per combattere malattie, aiutare la reazione immunitaria, attivare l'auto-guarigione stimolando la microcircolazione.


Effetto positivo sullo stato generale di benessere, la salute e il sonno, con conseguente miglioramento della qualità della vita.

Miglioramento della performanceMiglioramento della performance

Stimolo del metabolismo per migliorare le prestazioni, rafforzare i riflessi, ridurre il rischio di lesioni sportive, velocizzare i tempi di recupero.